This is a story about my dad (and me).
A story full of music and invention.


My dad knew: ‘Great music deserves great sound.’ Driven by perfection, a knack for calibration and a passion for music, he invented his own tube amplifiers. Creating a warm, timeless and technically refined, in-depth sound.
A sound that easily withstood the testing and came out far more superior than that of the tube amplifiers in big American magazines.
To this day the Jean Collin amplifiers sound state-of-the-art, blending in with the most modern designs. Not only pleasing the ear, but also the eye.
I was lucky. In 1992 I got one of the 30 tube amplifiers my dad invented. Resulting in hours, days and years of great music. The perfect sound for my records, a design masterpiece in my living room and so many warm memories. My dad had a dream. Today, I want to build on that dream with this special vinyl record holder design. Handcrafted to perfection by a common vision between me and Max Scheffer, we present you ‘Triangle’. A tribute. So, let’s put a record on. Press play. Dad, here’s to you.

Our Mission

Minimal design, maximal effect. That’s Jean Collin in a designer nutshell. We create and produce from the same philosophy, drive and passion that I share with my dad: the masterpiece mentality. Meticulously finetuning your interiors and your lifestyle with great design.